Gentle Shepherd

Listening to the evening news causes my heart to ache as I hear of one sorrow after another. It seems that there is no end to the round of heart rendering crime, hatred, natural and manmade disasters that is robbing the inhabitants of this world of peace and happiness.

As I listen to stories so full of heartache and pain, of families ripped apart by death, of the deep suffering of the poor and the sick, my heart longs for the day when I can at last enjoy the unbroken peace of heaven. I dream of the day when fear, crime, and all the woes of this world will be a distant memory.

And it makes me realize just how much I need to lean upon the arms of my Gentle Shepherd. How I need to learn to follow Him, because He knows how to safely lead me past fast moving waters and through bleak deserts so that at last I may dwell in the green pastures where death and pain are not know.

It is from these hopes that Gentle Shepherd was inspired.

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