The Many Faces of Love Pup Poetry

The many faces of love is a poem about love that was inspired by my little dog Happy. One day I was pondering the various ways that he showed his love and how he tailored how he showed his love to each member of the family. As I considered this I was struck with the … Continue reading The Many Faces of Love Pup Poetry



Tired is a short poem inspired by my battle with chronic health issues such as fibromyalgia and iron deficiency anemia and those miserable days when with aching bone and tired head all I long to do is give up the struggle to get something done and rest my weary head.

A Word Called Truth

Truth is a powerful force. It has the power to condemn someone for their action or inaction and at the same time to set another person free, it has the power to break the bonds of tradition, and to rewrite our understanding of the world around us. Truth may be a simple sounding and under … Continue reading A Word Called Truth

Tired, Tired, I Feel so Tired

  Tired, Tired, I Feel so Tired By Katherine B. Parilli Tired so tired! My body feels so tired. Like a weary shorn out rag I walk around in a worn out daze. My hallow body feels ancient and weighted down from some unseen place deep within; As if an indivisible foe is sucking the … Continue reading Tired, Tired, I Feel so Tired