Victory Acrostic 5


Am I Ready to Meet the King?

Am I ready to met the king is a question that I have found myself asking more and more as the world around me changes at an alarming rate and the world I once knew slips forever beyond the horizon. Everywhere I turn I see sign after sign that seems to shout the alarm that … Continue reading Am I Ready to Meet the King?

A Better Place

Some days the sorrows and cares of this world get me down. The bright enthusiastic outlook that I seek to maintain for a few moments breaks down as instead of seeing a field of bright flowers, I notice the thousands of stubborn weeds threatening to destroy the beauty of life. Everywhere I see and hear … Continue reading A Better Place

Success is Not My Friend

The poem, Success is Not My Friend, was inspired by my years of struggle to reach the unspoken dreams of my heart. Getting up early, traveling far, skipping meals when necessary, and working long into the evening to make my dreams a reality. Yet even though I worked hard, giving the effort my all, it … Continue reading Success is Not My Friend

Peace for the Fear Filled Night

Living with a chronic illness that several times has flared up so strong that there several times I was not sure if I was going to survive, there have been quite a few nights when I was fearful of going to bed because I wondered if I would wake up in the morning. My one … Continue reading Peace for the Fear Filled Night

I Dream of

I Dream Of, is a poem that highlights some of my most treasured dreams, such as a life free from the daily pain and fatigue that all to often leaves me sitting on the sidelines.

Earnestly I seek

Doing what I want comes so easy. Walking in the ways of stubbornness and self-satisfaction are second nature. Yet as easy as it is, none of this brings true happiness. It does not fill the heart with lasting joy. For a moment, the pleasures of this life cause the heart to race with excitement, but … Continue reading Earnestly I seek

Gentle Shepherd

Listening to the evening news causes my heart to ache as I hear of one sorrow after another. It seems that there is no end to the round of heart rendering crime, hatred, natural and manmade disasters that is robbing the inhabitants of this world of peace and happiness. As I listen to stories so … Continue reading Gentle Shepherd

A Desire for So Much More

This world, with all of its flaws and disappointments is still full of delight and wonder that has the power to thrill the soul. At every corner there is a new challenge or some new wonder to put a smile on our face. Yet with all of this, there is still an emptiness, a deep … Continue reading A Desire for So Much More