Gentle Shepherd

Listening to the evening news causes my heart to ache as I hear of one sorrow after another. It seems that there is no end to the round of heart rendering crime, hatred, natural and manmade disasters that is robbing the inhabitants of this world of peace and happiness. As I listen to stories so … Continue reading Gentle Shepherd

What Does it Mean to be Me?

What Does it Mean to be Me? Who am I? I wonder. I love to write, But what doe that mean?   I love to sing. I love to laugh. Music moves my soul, But what does that mean? I cry when I a sad, I exercise to get fit. I work heard when I … Continue reading What Does it Mean to be Me?

A Desire for So Much More

This world, with all of its flaws and disappointments is still full of delight and wonder that has the power to thrill the soul. At every corner there is a new challenge or some new wonder to put a smile on our face. Yet with all of this, there is still an emptiness, a deep … Continue reading A Desire for So Much More

My Garden Poem

It was not long after getting my little dog Happy that I began to notice how much he enjoyed the garden. Whenever my family and I went shopping for flowers in the garden section he would sniff each flower and he would smile with pride. It is from his love of the garden that this … Continue reading My Garden Poem


Hugs was inspired by my little dog Happy. When we first got him the idea of getting a hug was petrifying. He had no clue what a hug was. But within a few months Happy as Happy began to warm up to us and realize that he was in a safe and loving environment, he … Continue reading Hugs