My Cold Wet Nose

My Cold Wet nose is a poem that was inspired by the memory of my sweet dog named Natasha. After her death, I fondly recalled the way she used to poke my arm or leg with her cold nose whenever she wanted attention. When the grief had subsided enough for me to get Happy, I noticed that he did the same thing. I laughed a little as I thought of how annoyed my sister got when Tasha came over and poked her arm, yet it was this bothersome habit that she most often referred to. With even deeper sadness I contemplated the tragic reality that one day in the future, this might be her fondest memory of Happy as well.

And my heart was stirred to write this simple poem speaking of the love our four footed family members long to share with us. How they seek our affection with something as simple as poking our side with their cold wet nose. Asking us to take time out of our busy schedule to spend some time with them, to bond with them, to pet their head, or play that special game. Asking us to make the memories that will fill our broken hearts with joy on that sad day when they are no more.


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