Am I Ready to Meet the King?

Am I ready to met the king is a question that I have found myself asking more and more as the world around me changes at an alarming rate and the world I once knew slips forever beyond the horizon. Everywhere I turn I see sign after sign that seems to shout the alarm that the day of the return of Jesus is at hand.  And while the thought that the end of sin is drawing near, my heart trembles as I consider what it will be like to look the King of King in the eyes.

And I wonder on that great day, will I be ready? Will my heart be right with Him? Will I hear the words of accommodation that my soul longs for, or will I hang my head in sorrow because I have been found wanting?

As the days go by, and I see men’s hearts beginning to fail them for fear and the thoughts of men like the antediluvian of old seem to be evil continually, that question takes on greater importance. For I know that now is the time for me to ask this all important question, because tomorrow it may forever be too late. Now, while there is still a few more moments remaining, I must search my heart. So that when the sky does light up with the glory of millions upon millions of angels, and when my eyes do meet at last meet the gaze of my wondrous Savior, I can look up with joy, knowing that my prayer has been answered. And I need not hang my head in shame, because I have given my all and I am indeed ready to meet the King.

May this simple poem prove a blessing and inspire you to search your heart to see if you are ready to meet the King.

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