How Can I Honor Thee When I Have Lost My Way?

How Can I Honor Thee When I Have Lost My Way?

By Katherine B. Parilli

How can I honor Thee when I do not know the course of my life?

When I am so confused by the multiplying confusion of my stone blocked road that I cannot find my way,

How can I bring honor to Thy perfect name?

How the world must laugh to hear me call upon Thy holy name.

Wondering how such an undecided soul can do be doing anything to serve God.


LORD I do not want to dishonor Your name,

To bring reproach upon Thy perfect throne.

Yet I am so bewildered by the thick slugging field of hedging mud,

The rushing, jumbling, avalanching snow pile,

The vast towering confusing wilderness of drought,

And the ocean of fear that forever hedges in my way.

Every time I step forward a new obstacle appears to block my crumbling cracking pot hole ridden road.

The serpent and his vast army appear to have me in their trap.

I fear with all my might that in the least misstep I might bring sorrow to Your loving heart.

LORD please help me now before I forever lose my way.

Where I slipped,

Where I wandered off of the path,

I do not know.

But I am sure that I must have lost my way.


My surrounding are so unfamiliar,

All the land marks have suddenly seemed to disappear from my path.

Which way should I turn?

I do not know how much further it is to the end of this dark and frightening tunnel,

For I cannot see to find my way out.


LORD deliver me from my mountain of doubt.

Prevent my fainting heart from caving in.

Let me let You lead the way.


To the peaceful secure harbor of Heaven  guide me safely.

Show me the paths I must travel.

Lead me on in Your time,

And not my impatient fast rushing time.

Lest I once more tumble off the path of life,

And again bring sorrow and shame to You.

Help me to remember that I do not know the way that leads to life eternal,

That I must put my faith and trust securely in the One and only Shepherd,

The One and only Guide who knows the way.


Please help me to be patient.

Willing to go only as fast as you lead.

Secure in Your masterful scouting.

Secured in Thy blanket of love.

Knowing that You have been this way before,

And that as long as I patiently follow,

I can never bring reproach to Thy perfect cause.

© 2016

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