Sisters Acrostic 1

The relationship between sisters does not always run smoothly, but can at times seem like a dynamite ridden field where one wrong step triggers outright war. Impatience, irritation, and jealousy are all to ready to rear their ugly heads threatening the harmony of this special bond. Yet despite the rough and ragged course, the hours of bickering over real and even imagined wounds, let one outside voice be raised in anger or one small sliver of slight be suggested by one outside this bond and all memory of the ragging war will dissipate like a morning fog under the searing sun. Offended and enraged that one would dare raise their hand to cause even the slightest hurt to one so dear, the one will instantly rise to the defense of the other with the force of a herd of stampeding horses. Instantly making it clear that though they might quarrel, the bond between sisters is deeper than the petty jealousies and irritations that try to hedge up the path and create a wall between them.

It is in honor of this enduring bond that I wrote this acrostic and have dedicated to my best friend and beloved sister.

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