Earnestly I seek

Doing what I want comes so easy. Walking in the ways of stubbornness and self-satisfaction are second nature. Yet as easy as it is, none of this brings true happiness. It does not fill the heart with lasting joy. For a moment, the pleasures of this life cause the heart to race with excitement, but all to quickly there is a let down and ultimately there is a lasting sense of dissatisfaction.

As I thought about the emptiness of heart this world has to offer, as I looked with sorrow at the distress that greets my eyes at every turn, my heart longed with  deep desire for that better land where pain is a memory, where heartache is faraway dream, and cruel curse of death has forever been broken. My soul welled up with a longing for that glorious day when the pains of this earth are swallowed up in the joy of heaven.

The more I thought of the glories of heaven, and the mercy of God for sending Jesus to lay down His life so that we could have the hope of salvation, I painfully reflected upon all the times I failed to return that love. And I wished with all my heart that from that moment on the fleeting things of this life would grow dim as by faith I beheld the promise of a better land.


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