Book Publishing Terms to Know

Is it just me, or does every career or course of study have their own unique language. I remember how this realization hit me very hard one particular semester where I was taking Spanish, anatomy, and either music or math and I had spent hours trying to memorize a host of different terms and definitions for each class, I looked up and told my parents that I felt like I was taking 3 foreign language courses instead of 1. As each subject, Spanish, math or music, and anatomy had their own distinct vocabulary that had to be learned if you wanted to understand what was being said, what you were to do, and to be able to communicate with others in the group.

Whether it be science, medicine, engineering, law, mathematics, or music, each field of study has a set of terminology that we must learn if we want to succeed in our chosen profession. The world of publishing is no different. If we want to reach our goal of becoming a published author, there are terms that we are going to have to learn if we are going to make sure that our book has the best chance of success.

Whether we are self-publishing, hiring an editing team, or going the traditional route, the more that we learn, the better our chances of success, and one day becoming the successful author of our dreams.

Here is a helpful video talking about 20 publishing term you should know.


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