Bible Quiz Word Search Edition Hebrews 12:2

Thanks to a prolonged bout of severe, chronic iron deficiency anemia, I was finding it hard to sit up and write, even on my laptop. As my iron dropped into the critically low level, even the relatively simple task of creating an activity book (thanks to several activity book making programs that make the puzzles), was daily becoming more and more of an energy zapping task. As my energy levels plummeted to an extreme low where even lifting my head left me worn out, I was seeking a way to still feel useful and productive. Something that could be done with the least amount of energy output.

After a bit of prayer and thinking, the idea came to take my puzzle book making skills and use them to make some simple Bible learning videos. The nice thing with style of video, like an activity book most of it can be done with some simple clicks, copy and paste, and drop and drag. And with a little thought and preparation, a template can be created that streamlines the work so that within a few minutes you can have a simple puzzle video.

Certainly, like creating puzzle books, I wish that I had better skills and a ton more energy. I would have loved to be able to make a more interactive and professional video. The nice thing about this simple form is that when my energy is low due to a flair up of my fibromyalgia or my iron is dropping, and enjoy the feeling of being creative and useful for much longer.

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