The Importance of a Comfortable Chair

When asked to describe your perfect office, that special place where you will create your first or next master piece, what comes to your mind? If you have spent any amount of time imagining that perfect corner you can probably describe it at length. From the color of the walls to the bookshelf where your books will proudly take center stage you most likely have a particular style or theme in mind. When asked about your writing room, you could probably describe your desk, simple or ornate, full of cubby holes, or an overpriced table. You could probably describe the theme, relaxed, beachy, elegant, cozy, etc. And even have an idea of little touches that will make it just right such as a the pictures of your family smiling down their encouragement, a poster of a special place you want to visit after you become a famous author, or a piece of wall art that says “Famous Author at work do not disturb.”

You probably have spent hours imagining yourself typing at your stylish computer or hurriedly scribbling on paper. Maybe you see yourself taking a break and walking out onto your balcony that overlooks the ocean or picturesque mountain view. Maybe you daydream of stepping from your office straight into the garden where you can refresh yourself with a delicate scent of roses and lavender. Or better yet reenergize yourself with a lap around the pool.

I never appreciated the role a comfortable office chair played in my overall writing experience until my laptop broke and I had to spend a few days completing important task at my desktop in a chair that kept trying to kick me out and left me aching from head to toe.

But what about one of the most important pieces of that room, your chair? That’s right, your chair. How much time have you spent imagining the chair that will support you while you spend long hours typing or scratching out your book?

This was not a question I thought much about until a few weeks ago when my laptop broke down and the only way that I could do any work was to spend time in my 10-year-old office chair that is peeling off its cover and loves to kick me out of the set. It has not been my favorite place to sit for quite some time. But when I had my laptop and only needed to spend 15-30 minutes in it a couple of times a week it was bearable. But three days in and my bones are aching, my back side is miserable, and my neck is cramping. Giving me new appreciation for the importance of finding a comfortable office chair for the here and now as well as for my longed-for dream office.

The problem is finding the right chair. There is a gaming chair that has a cushion for the head a pull out for the legs that allows you to lean back and put up your legs.

But while this would be a definite improvement, it would not work so well on most days when I am in pain and want to curl up in a tight ball and lean to the side. For that a big, cushy swivel recliner would be great.

This would be the most comfortable choice, but sadly at $300, it is far from economical. Plus, well it would be comfortable, it would not be practical for moving around the office. While the chair can swivel from side to side, without the legs it would be very hard to get closer or farther, and completely impossible to roll the chair over to a bookshelf or file cabinet as you can with a regular office chair or gamer chair.

I guess for now I will have to be patient and keep looking for the right chair, as this often-overlooked piece of furniture is the quiet backbone of the writing experience. It can make or break your writing sprints and prevent many aches and pains.

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