Success Is

As  we begin our journey into 2020, many will pause to write out their list of goals. Creating what they believe will be their road map to success. But what is success? What is that elusive something will cause you to stand tall and declare to one and all that you have earned the right to be called a winner in the game of life?

Is it earning tons of money? Being able to buy a fancy car? Getting a huge  raise? Getting a promotion that gets you the coveted private office? Paying off all of your bills and retiring early? Being able to travel the globe? Getting married before all of your peers? Or one of a thousand other countless other metrics that society uses to measure our importance?

Or is true success the power to endure. To have a goal, a hope, or a dream for which you give your all knowing that before you reach the mark, you will stumble and fall. And even though it smarts, even though the voices around you declare that all is lost, you refuse to give up. But knowing the cost, enduring the ridicule, in spite of humiliation and pain, you refuse to give up. And instead of sinking into the comfortable bed of defeat, shake off the dirt, and get up and try again and again.


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