Joyful Acrostic 1

Our world today is full of uncertainty. Stories of wars, rumurs of war, strife, anger, want, fear, disease, storm, and more fill the news. Adding to our heaviness of heart as we struggle to survive.

Yet there is good news. Thanks to the wonderful gift of God, who loved us so much that he dwelt not upon our act of ingratitude  in chosing another masster after being placed in a world where everything was glorious, where every creature big and small played harmlessly with each other, where the cruel hand of disease and death was unknown, and everywhere one looked was nothing but perfect harmony and beauty. But whose heart was moved by the unenviable plight that would be ours, if He did not act.

Knowing full well the cost that would be required to save us, He chose to leave His glorious throne, and walk among men. Thinking only of the wondrous day when He would come to claim His own, when He could at last welcome those who would accept His precious gift into His eternal kingdom, He willingly endured hunger, unbridled hatred, cutting words, and hours of horrible acts of abuse by His own creation. Bearing the weight of our sins, He hung upon the cross enduring the shame that should be ours.

Because of His unexplainable gift, and becasue of the wonderful news that He did not remain locked away in that tomb, we can lift up our heads, and look forward to the day of great joy, when the pain and suffering that we now know and when the economy built around death and suffering is evermore destroyed.

Becuase of God’s love, we can proudly say, that no matter what, I know the promise of hope and joy.


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