Where is My Faith

Where is My Faith

By Katherine B. Parilli

Where is my faith,

My unwavering trust in thee?

Where is the power and endurance of my first love for you?

Where is that burning passion that cannot bear to see your blessed name be besmirched so cruelly by the mocking throng?


All my life You have stood faithfully by my faulty side.

All my life You have been a ladder lifting me higher,

A crutch when my feet did fumble and fall,

And a guiding light when I was lost.


Through every trial You stood unflinchingly by my side.

When the masses gathered together to feast upon my bruised an bleeding body,

You stood as a shield before my torn and tattered form.

As the insults poured forth like rain,

When left to blister under the scorching sun,

And the burning riotous scavengers gathered in cawing flocked to pick and devour the last dying vestiges of my soiled reputation,

You stood firm like a wall of blessing between me and my triumphant taunting enemies.


Every bruise,

Every brackish bleeding wound that pierced my weak wounded soul,

You counted not as done to my worthless twining body,

But as done to Your precious Royal Holy Son.


Life and light were in Your wings.

In Your presence I found courage to face every storm.

Hope, love, safety, and peace were Yours to give.


Yet I faltered.

I have failed of climbing high.

Let the taunts of unclean hearts wear me down.

I have given my ear to foolish fading promises.

Oh fill my heart once more.

Return me to my first love.

Never more to part from Thee!

Filled by Thy soothing refreshing spirit,

Undaunted by the sin maddened throng.


Let me put away my sin filled ways.

Despise the foolish paths I once loved.

Oh let me sing only of Thy righteous mercies,

Oh let Thy tender blessings be my abiding constant focus!


For You love,

For the lifting up of Your name,

Let my heart ever stand firm.

Hour after hour let me grow firm.

Closer and closer to Thy perfect ways,

Developing a symmetrical new beauty under the skillful potter’s hand,

Let my heart entwine so close to Thee that I become like a newly grafted branch or vine that feeds fully and finds all its needs must naturally be satisfied by Thee.


Oh where is my first love?

Where is that deepness of power I should posses?

Where is that faith that will not yield even unto death?

Where is the fruits I should have born as the Spirit reformed my soul?


Make me anew!

Make me pure!

Fill me with Thy love!


Fill me full to overflowing before the door of mercy closes.

Make me a light to the weary and despised.

Born again in the spirit,

And cleansed by Thy pure undefiled blood.


Today and forever let me be a part of Thy flock.

Willing to follow to the end.

Content to walk in the humblest ways.

Serving the servants of my king.


Oh bring back my love

Cleanse my heart today.

And fill me forever more with Thy purest gift of love!

© 2016


If you enjoyed this poem of faith, and would like to enjoy more poems like this, then you might enjoy my book Poetry From the Heart, Poems of Faith.

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