By Katherine B. Parilli


This world is a crazy place.
A crazier place to live could not be found.

For in the midst of the greatest joy comes fear and sorrow disturbing the peace of every heart.

Life seems empty and worthless.

Greed fills every heart.

Danger lurks around every corner destroying the safety of home and bed.

Sadly this world is like a greedy fire eager to consume our dreams.

So many days I wish this place was no longer my home,

My heart desiring a better place where I could live and prosper without fear of the grasping destroying shadows that laughingly lurk around hidden corners for their unsuspecting victim seeking to destroy everyone’s peace and happiness.

I long to live in a land where fear, death, and pain are unknown, and peace, hope, and joy reign supreme in every heart.


My heart sings for joy at the dream of leaving a life of sorrow and endless toil forever behind.

Oh how much I would give to leave this dreary sin wrecked land overflowing with the festering putrid boils of hate.

Oh the great price I would pay to put away the heartache and tension of this gold driven world where the power of gaining by any thieving means any and everyone’s dollar means more than the cry of the tired, the hungry, and lonely from whom so many unblinkingly grasp the last precious dollar from their cold work blistered half starved hands.

I desperately long for a peaceful oasis where the precious flowers of peace and joy can fully bloom.

How great it would be to breathe in the gentle air of a quiet hide away.

How wonderful it would be to listen to the laughing call of the seagull on the wings enjoying his carefree dance with the soft gurgling shore instead of the harsh soul piercing cry of the invalid longing for the life they will never have a chance to enjoy.

Oh to find a place where I can run and jump to my heart’s content without being pursued by the hunter of souls,

Or to walk down a street where only the gentle teasing breeze tickles one’s hair and soft glowing checks instead of the stealthy hand of the deaf pickpocket lost in his tireless search of fresh gold no matter the cost.

At every turn it seems like unseen forces are working hard to destroy the beauty and wonder of life.



But where can this place as yet known only in my dreams be found?

There is no place on earth where crime’s cold unfeeling hand does not reach,

Or where the cold fearful grasp of death cannot be felt.

With each passing day the world moves faster,

And the path to peace and joy becomes more and more of forgotten blur.

Each time saving technological advance brings with it new and more tedious time consuming demands driving the world at an ever more hectic heart pounding pace leading men and women to earlier and earlier graves,

And separating families from each other as the amount of money needed just to eke out the bleakest level of existence grows.

As trial and tribulation of every kind increase, we are loosing touch with the simple pleasures of life, such as looking up and admiring a majestic bird in flight.

Leaving less and less time for the last dying vestiges of life’s simplest, forgotten pleasures such as pausing to hear a child laugh,

Pausing to watch a majestic bird gliding effortlessly across the endless sky,

Creating the timeless memory of a family picnic in the park,

Reading a book of poetry,

Watching a romantic couple; young or old, strolling unseeingly down a crowded street hand in hand,

Or pausing to enjoy the timeless beauty of a garden in full bloom.


Where can I go to hide from this horrible fate?

Too many times it appears as if the world will rush itself straight into the boiling pot of death and self-destruction eagerly waiting for it just the other side of the blinding mountain of gold and platinum colored greed.

And maybe in a way it will as families are forced to work harder and harder than ever just to survive.

With the price of home, land, clothes, fuel, taxes, and food seeming as if it is increasing as fast as the eye can blink,

Forcing the one remaining oasis of this crazy world to groan as it is carefully splintered apart one little unnoticeable molecule at a time until the base of the heavy world holding pyramid collapses in on itself crumbling the foundation of society as we know it,

Forever changing our crazy world in ways we cannot yet imagine.


Sometimes it seems like hope has been consumed and a weary life of tears is all that we have to look forward to.

My heavy heart grows weary and sad.

There is no hope for a better life in this land of increasing despair and hopelessness.

For there can be no hope in a land which believe unquestioningly in the unseeing, unfeeling, purposeless, uncaring force named evolution.

What is the meaning of the caring, loving, sheltering family unit in a land where survival of the fittest is the doctrine of its kings and queens?

Even earthly wealth; which seems to be the god of mankind, is of little comfort when all life comes to an end in a lonely, never ending, soon to be forgotten grave from which man has no hope of return.

Life with all its unbelievable dizzying round of fears and joys, mountains and valleys, hopes and dreams,

Is forever gone when those once seeing knowing eyes close in the final irrevocable cruel act of the master artist death.

If we listen to the so called voices of wisdom,this is our ultimate hope, our grand purpose, our great destiny. In the cold arms of death, where reason and wisdom slumber, they declare, we will at last find solace and comfort.

Then suddenly I remember,

And my heat begins to sing with great joy.

There is a special hope after all,

But not in men and their wearisome varying fleeting merry-go-round theories.

My only hope,

This dying worlds only hope,

Is to be found in the sound and ever increasingly proven book called the Bible.

As the world around us madly rushes towards a terrifying sunset, the Bible bravely declares that the midnight of this world shall give way to an eternal dawn.

Its words and prophecies have been and are being fulfilled day after crazy day.

From lands buried and forgotten by thousands of years of building, destruction, and rebuilding powerful sermons are being spoken in honor of God’s undying word despite the longings of searchers ever seeking, unquestionable proof to forever silence the cutting rebuke against their self-pleasing lifestyle.

Proving despite the best efforts of man that the words and prophesies of the Bible are more concrete and certain than the unending passage of time and the rays of sunlight that warm our spinning planet.


And if it’s prophesies are true that must mean that the wondrous Promised Land called Heaven is real.

And that death is not the cold final unflinching reality awaiting all the helpless accidents of an unplanned spontaneous and purposeless universe.

Then life and family as a meaning,

And living has a purpose,

Life has hope,

And the grandest of dreams are possible.

The knowledgeable voices of this world have told us that we are nothing more than a lucky accident, but the Bible says that we were created with a divine purpose in mind.

Suddenly the nerve shattering fear that only a society where mankind is taught that they are no better than and can hope to be nothing more than the lion and the gazelle can be wiped away.

For despite the increasing craziness of a spinning,  gasping, and slowly dying earth,

There is a hope that transcends the darkness of this convoluted time and place where sin and madness rules.

Suddenly the once dark, suffocating heavens ring with the hope and promise that God will do away with sin and sorrow!

Thanks to the wonderful words of life,  through the increasing darkness I can see the gleaming rays of Heavenly hope. And with gratitude I lift up my voice and thank the Lord for His great sacrifice so that by faith I can look past the storm and focus on the land where fear and sorrow are unknown.

And at last my heart can sing a song of wonder at the unbelievable thought that soon, very soon, I might one day have a chance to live where fear, crime, death, and sorrow no longer exist.

And where a God who loved and died for his wandering forgetful and all too often ungrateful creatures will live among them and lead them beside the still and peaceful waters forever.

© 2016



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