By Katherine B. Parilli

The wind is blowing softly in the background as I sit idly by the ton of papers and books which I should be studying. My eyes wander from the sky to tree. I take notice of everything but the object of my perplexity. I know that I should study, but who can concentrate among such simple pleasure. Nothing can compare with the royal splendor I see before me in the delicate workings of a flower, the mind boggling intricacies of a leaf, or the unmatched charm of a cotton candy cloud.

What use is it to study the horror filled battles of when one can study how proudly the little sparrow walks. Who would contemplate the complexities of the world without first discovering the secretes of the wide ranging hierarchy of the ants. And who could learn the rules of physics without first leaning the science3 involved in cleaning one’s furry coat?

It is useless to try to learn lessons found in the pages of one’s textbook when the pages of nature lie before you ready to share their secrets with anyone who is willing to learn opening before anyone who will stop for a moment and listen to all the wonders which God has given to us. For what picture can match the ever changing splendor of the setting sun. No music can compare with an orchestra of birds, frogs, and wolves.

Though my books have their place, they are outweighed at this moment by the breath taking beauty around me. My soul hungers to enjoy the gentle breeze which is tickling my face, to listen to the serenade coming from a nearby tree, and to watch the clouds passing overhead. While I gaze upon the works of my creator time stands still. Where are the worries of the hectic world in the stillness of the rolling green hills? Where are the fears of the big city when sitting in the solitude of Gods protecting forest?

© 2016

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