Zip Zap

Sometimes, in our hurry to get ahead, to reach some artificial milestone that we have set for ourselves, we zip zap along. Pushing away at full steam, revealing in the certainty that we know where we are going, how we are going to get there, and just what we will do once we get there. Before we realize what has happened, in our effort to better ourselves, we have unconsciously lost sight of Jesus and put our eyes upon our goal.

Unaware of our danger, we run ahead or fall behind. Loosing sight of our ultimate goal, of following Jesus and reflecting His precious image to all around us. And step by unwary step have made the move to uplifting ourselves and our desires. And before we know what has happened, zip zap, we slip and fall, and must call out for help.

Fortunately we have a merciful Savior who longs to come to our aid. And thanks to that mercy, despite our foolishness, will hold out His hand, lift us up, and grant us a chance to try again.

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