How My Soul Does Mourn for the Changes That Have Taken Place In the World Around Me

Change is a normal part of the world. What is trendy today, is out of fashion tomorrow, the favorite store of the hour may be bankrupt tomorrow, and like a pendulum the political world is always swaying back and forth. But lately it seems like change has gone into overdrive as the whole character of earth seems to have undergone such a fearful change that at times it seems like love and compassion have been driven from men’s hearts. So that without any compunction man is ready to tear into their fellow man. Showing no shame, they are ready to demand that the heads of  their neighbor be served upon a platter for the grave offense of taking one step differently than the rest of the pack.

My heart aches as I see the rising tide of division that is breaking humanity apart and driving them into their own peculiar clicks. Holding that unless you belong to my group, walk the way I demand, or hold each and every view that I espouse, that you are less than human and worthy of having your whole life come crashing down around them. Their desperate pleas falling upon deft ears, because they have commuted the unforgivable sin of belonging to the wrong pack, holding the wrong political view, or being born with a different color.

As I listen to the news and see the quick deterioration of the bonds that hold humanity together, my heart aches, because I know that this but the beginning of the final sorrows that mark out the last few miles before the return of Christ. And as fearful as things are now, as frightening as the lack of compassion is today, tomorrow it shall only become worse. As the Spirit of God begins to withdraw His stabilizing presence and leave man to feel the results of their choice to wander far from the safety of the Heavenly fold.

Pondering the words of God, that faithful declare what is yet to come, my heart grows heavy as I think of my loved ones. As I consider the frightful sorrows that they are soon to face. Inwardly I cry as I consider how many have of my loved ones have chosen to turn their back upon God’s tender call and have not chosen to accept His offer to find safety under His protecting wings.

My only joy, as I see the increasing disintegration of the bonds that hold us together, knowing that in the final hour the Bible warns that brother shall turn against brother and love shall wax cold, is that frightening as the final hour shall be, there is hope. Hope because we are told that this miserable state shall not last forever. That for our sake, the days of suffering shall be shortened by the wondrous return of the King of Kings. Who at His coming will bring an end to sin and its resulting divisions, but will restore the peace, harmony, and love that mankind lost on the day they ate the forbidden fruit.

The following poem is the result of my sad pondering as I behold the upheaval of the once calm world and the clear lack of brotherly love that is driving us further and further apart. And of my deep longing for the wonderful day when Christ returns and bring this sad state to an end. Taking His faithful servants home to live once more like we would have if we had never turned our backs upon the peace, beauty, and perfection of our home of innocence in the garden of Eden.

How My Soul Does Mourn for the Changes That Have Taken Place In the World Around Me

By Katherine B. Parilli

For what crime are we to be slain?

For what cause have we been sold?

For what profit is it to make one generation pay for the crimes of another?

There are many days, after listening to the news, it is easy to wonder if humanities compassion has gone up in flames. As it seems like we have reached a time where even the slightest deviation from the pack is now viewed as an offense worthy of eternal destruction.

Where is the humanity?

Where is the decency?

Where is the compassion?

Where is the bravado in such actions?

My heart is heavy,

My soul weary from watching the world crumble around me.

My songs of joy have been turned into songs of mourning.

My laughter turned into iron tears.

My hopes and dreams of a bright future have all evaporated into nothingness.

The world of promise I once knew is gone.

Slowly dying,


Quickly dying a horrible pitiful death.

Taking with it all of the hopes for prosperity.

Clutching in its hand the keys of peace.

Today the promise of peace seems like an impossible dream, as the threat of sickness, war, and bloodshed fill the news. Bringing sorrow and fear to each heart.

With its last gasping breath,

Struggling to implore one final warning,

To prevent war,



Upheavals never before seen,






And suffering untold.

All these I fear await the world and people I still love,

Though my heart aches with a deep inconsolable sorrow for a loss they will never know.

A greatness they will now never be able to obtain.

What heights might have been theirs,

What joys they might have known,

What wonders they might have beheld,

What raptures they might have drank of.

Sadly, all this misery could have been avoided if only humanity had answered God’s merciful call and given their hearts and lives to Him. But because we despised His mercy and turned our back from the narrow way, preferring instead to have our own pleasure, we have been left to reap our unpleasant harvest of selfishness.

Yet now the cup of bitter sorrow shall also be theirs to endure.

The trial of sorrow shall eventually find its way up the ladder.

They party shall come to an end.

The feast will one day run dry.

For you cannot sentence one to eternal poverty and expect the Lord of Heaven to sit quietly by forever.

You cannot quietly write Him out of your laws and think that He will not know.

You cannot give preference to the rich and create a yolk of bondage for the poor without meriting His wrath.

For God in His mercy will not leave us defenseless.

He will be our rock during the coming storm.

Our Shield,

Our Defense,

Our Courage,

Our Fortress,

Our Army,

Our Defender,

Our Captain,

Our Vessel,

Our Guide,

Our Cloud by day,

Our Pillar of fire by night,

Our Solid Rock in a weary land,

Our Shade,

Our Blood of Righteousness,

Our Salvation to the very end when He finally brings us all safely home.

© 2016

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