What is God’s Purpose for My Life?

What is God’s Purpose for My Life?

By Katherine B. Parilli

What would God have me to do with my humble life?

What would He have me to do with the tools that He have me to live?

He gave me a life,

He gave me a voice,

And I know that He gave me a purpose.

But what is that purpose?

For what reason did He make me?

For what calling did He put me on this earth?

Why at this moment,

Why at this particular crucial vital period in history?

What is my role in earth’s critical time deciding final events?

So many questions and yet no answers,

So many problems and yet no solutions.

I just cannot understand what to do, or where to turn next for everywhere that I look all if seem to find are locked doors,

Stop signs,

Road blocks,


Bombed out bridges,



Cave ins,

Bombed out tunnels,

Caved in roofs,

And more fiascos after more fiascos mark my littered past.

At every turn, my attempt to find purpose has been hedged in and my way blocked.

And it seems that success in my life is an elusive as an assignment to get as shot of a flock of dotto bird flying over the statue of liberty on the fourth of July.

Yet I know God does not bring life into the world without reason. Satan may taint his creation. He may burden down and destroy that image, remove that spark of royal life, but God does not create any life without purpose. All life starts out with a high and holy calling. Even the most cruel and Christ less being was once called to bear His royal image if they choose. Even the most debase butcher imaginable to mankind could have been privileged to sing in the courts above if they had but only chosen to give their hearts and lives over to that strange life alter power.

So I know that it was not God’s choice for me to life this life of pain. SATAN and SATAN ONLY WANTED ME TO SUFFER AND NOT GOD. GOD WANTS ME TO LIVE A LIFE FREE OF EVERY HAMR AND EVER PAIN.  I know that it was not His original plan for me to suffer and wonder. But the devil has found a way to hedge me in at every turn. To create misery and discomfort at every ford, to create a lingering sense of frustration at every junction, to try to create a feeling of uselessness and disharmony between God and His creation with each and every spinning breathe.

As frustrating as it is, I know that it is Satan, and not God who is seeking to block my way and destroy every opportunity that comes my way.

Why He has allowed it I cannot say. Why this has now become a part of the plan for my life I cannot say. But this much I know my heart is faulty heart, blind and selfish, and full of self praise. Perhaps I need these blocks, these endless delays to keep me in the narrow way. Perhaps they are not delays at all but are just detours along life’s path guiding me to tenders souls who need a seed, a drink of water, or a bit of fertilizer. And I am the only one who can give them just what they need when they need it the most.

I do not know.

I cannot say.

But I know that when the time is right God will gently open up the door and lead me gratefully in.

© 2016

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