Where is the Peace the World Declares Shall Silence the Prophesy of God?

Where is the Peace the World Declares Shall Silence the Prophesy of God?

By Katherine B. Parilli

Where is the era of peace the world speaks so proudly of?

I see only violence and despair.

Where is the bright healthy future they have ardently promised?

Where is the age when poverty shall be wiped clean?

For the multitudes are growing poorer at the hands of selfish few who hoard their riches

Like a hungry pack of wolves.


The world speaks of a coming time of prosperity-

A time of vast enlightenment and ancient age.

A thousand years shall be your lifetime

They proudly proclaim.

Disease shall be a forgotten word

Hanging in the halls of a duty museum cellar.

Wars will be wiped away by the all-inclusive hand of friendship.

Poverty and hunger an ancient historic topic for the classroom.

Color, sex, or religion will no longer be a dividing issue

As we gather under,

And clasp our unchained hands around

The freeing flag of scientific enlightenment.

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We are told that a new day, free from the confines and miseries of the old myths is dawning. Yet everywhere we turn intellectual and moral freedom is being stripped away.

Yes a new age is dawning they proudly boast-

An age uninhibited by the old customs and myths.

Science shall reign supreme.

Technology will be our new bronze god,

The new supreme savior of a once misguided society,

Now freed by technologies new enlightenment to pursue each carnal desire,

Healed at the foot of the golden towering scientific cross.

Yes, technology will be our new saving, freeing god

And endless space will be our cathedral as we bow before the gods of

Reason, intellectual freedom, mans unlimited boundaries,

and our new licensee to indulge in every carnal lust the human heart desires.


Yet the worlds of the Bible ring forth in new power

Demanding its oft forgotten voice be heard if only for a moment.

There shall be wars and rumors of wars.

There shall be earthquakes in diverse places.

Floods, famine, pestilence, shall grow.

And in the hour when they cry peace,

Then the end shall come!

The Bible has boldly declared that a day is coming when all will be forced to openly chose whom they will serve. For hundreds of years people have scoffed at this idea, but more and more the cry is being lifted up, unite, unite all cost for unity is our only hope and savior.

Though the world discounts these words-

As they knelt before their plains of Dura’s golden image,

Though all science seem to mock the prophesy-

For a time it seems to usher in the golden age,

These words are still quietly and slowly treading a sure course.


For brother is turning upon brother.

Mothers are killing their children.

Men are destroying their own wives as the love of many waxes cold.

The ancient and young are despised.

There is little left to protect the feeble lives of the helpless,

The infirmed live in silent fear of being forgotten.


Hunger, disease, pestilence are felt at every turn.

The earth quivers from her feverish burden.

The air no longer has its youthful healthy tint.

Accident by sea, by sky, and on land are all to common

As the world finds new ways of tormenting, fomenting fear, and bringing about lingering death.

Like a pile of rotting leaves, the promise of a better day has been consumed in the flames of disaster. As instead of love and brotherhood, we are meet with a sea of rage as a strange sense of callousness towards humanity seems to engulf more and more of mankind.


With each passing day men’s hearts grow colder and an unspoken fear takes hold.

Their fascination with violence becomes more and more entrenched.

Random acts of violence are giving sway to a teaming open culture of death

As hundreds unite under its bloody banner.

With a frequency and upon a grand scale never before seen,

The world is marching unswervingly forward to the soothing rhythmic beat of the pied piper’s call.


The world is beginning its birthing pains.

The signs of the soon coming of the Eternal Judge grow bright.

Yet the world still mocks as prophesy shines bright against the darkening skies.

They mock haughtily on as freedom,

So precious and pure,

Slips from their sin benumbed hands.

At Christ return the sky will light up with a glory far exceeding the noon day soon.

Soon so soon,

The sky will be on fire,

As thousands upon thousands of glorious Angels

Clothed in the eternal glory of Heaven,

Fill the midnight sky.



In their midst will be the one the earth has so brazenly derided.

In his hands will be the scale of justice and life.

At last the sorrows of a dying world will be over.

The fleeting dreams of a decaying life will cease.


And to His eternal home He shall take the redeemed,

Those whom the world once scorned as the blind foolish children of fear,

Now clothed in immortal light.

Not to live a mere thousands years of fleeting passion,

But to grace eternities fulfilling halls.

Free to explore the hidden recesses of the vast universe,

To sing, invent, explore, study, and build upon the unlimited foundation purchased for them by their Saviors precious spilled blood.

With great joy I look forward to the day when the great enemies of life and joy are no more. With great longing I dream of that blessed day when envy, hatred, and death are consumed, never again to raise their ugly heads.

Then through all of space they shall go.

At last the ugly hand of death and poverty will be ever vanquished-

Burned away by the brightness of His coming.

The cruel injustice of scheming hands never more to be endured.

And at last,

At the foot of the King’s cross,

We will join in holy strains of praise and ceaseless wonder.

As free from the unfair barrier of color, sex, age,

And united in one accord in worshiping the Lamb who gave His perfect life

To redeem us so unworthy of His perfect love,

We clasp our hands around HIS ETERNAL THRONE.

There to live and reign with our Eternal King.

Hatred, death, fear, and all the vile traits this world once loved unto death,

Vanquished in the cleansing blood that unites each trembling changed heart

That once upon a time upon this dying earth,

Listened not to the soothing cries of peace and safety,

But turned in heart-rending humility to knell before the cross of Jesus.

And gave over every facet of their lives upon this temporal fading world to Him,

Silencing the false cries of worldly promise and prosperity,

And exchanging earthly garments for the promise of a Heavenly crown and purest white robe.

© 2016

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