Happy Am I

Learning to walk the narrow path is not an easy task. It means setting aside self and learning to do what Jesus wants even when it requires going the opposite way of my most cherished desires.  But as hard a task as it is, and as deep as the struggle is to learn to give up my will in order to obey the will of my Savior, I have learned that I am far happier when I obey.

By hard experience I have learned that there is little to be gained in putting my selfish desires above the need to stay close to Jesus side. By painful experience I have learned that nothing is gained by insisting on trotting off and following my own path, does not result in the rush of delight I imagined it would. But ultimately it results in frustration as I run headlong into some unforeseen obstacle that knocked me to the ground and totally floored my hopes. Over and over I have found that if only I had listened and obeyed I would have been spared the frustration of being sidelines or the humiliation of falling flat on my face.

As I compared the results of my stubborn wandering with the those of the times I paused to listen to the One who sees the beginning from end and followed His way instead of my own, my heart was struck about how much better the outcome was. Strangely enough when I gave up the fight for control, and let the Lord lead me where He would, when I made staying close to Jesus side an I experienced greater joy and delight than when I clung to my own will.

Happy Am I was inspired by the wondrous realization that the closer I stayed to Jesus, the more I sought to follow Him and make His ways the desire of my heart, the happier I was. I hope that you enjoy this humble poem and that it ins some way inspires you to taste the happiness that comes with following Jesus.

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