A Puppy Dream: Dog Poetry

A Puppy Dream was inspired by a picture I took of my little dog Happy. There was something in the way he looked out the window that gave me the feeling that in his own puppy way, he was reflecting upon his life. The expression on his face took on an air that I would expect to see on someone pondering their past and dreaming of their future. And it made me ask myself the question, do puppies dream? Do they have their from of a wish list of things they hope to do, to see, and what they would like in a family.

Maybe it is the way the light hit, but for some reason when I looked at this picture it gave me the feeling that in his own puppy way, my little Happy was dreaming about the life he wanted and comparing it with the life he had.

While their dreams are not fully the same as ours, with the hopes and dreams of what school they will go to or what career path they will chose, it seems to me that like us, our pets do dream of the most important things in life. That our furry friends big and small long for some of the same things we hold dear such as finding a good home, knowing that they are loved, and may even pause to dream of the adventures they long to have with the family that they have chosen to call their own.

I  hope that you enjoy this pet inspired poem. And let me know if you think that in their own way, puppy’s dream.

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