Grant Me the Grace to Face Each Day

Grant Me the Grace to Face Each Day

By Katherine B. Parilli

Dear Lord please grant me the grace to live each day. Help the thoughts of my heart to be pleasing to Thee. Give me the fortitude to honor you even in adversity.  Give me the strength to walk alone, and the courage to face the blistering crowd.

For my heart is willing do Thy will, but my body is weak.  I long to serve Thee through every trial yet my human nature recoils from pain. My enfeebled will seeks the easy road.

How my fragile ego hates to face ridicule. My stubborn side distains the torture of patiently bending my will to Yours. Thoughts of selfish greed, earthly pride, gluttonous longings battle for control.

Dear LORD if I am to survive the Christian walk I will need to borrow heavily from Thy strength. I will need to lean upon Thy all powerful arm. To endure the times of humiliation, to bear the taunts of the wicked hearts, or survive the lonesome paths You must be the only caption of my heart.

O Lord please help me, because I am tired and weak, and must rely upon Thy great strength.

So even though I grow tired and my endurance is strained to the breaking point, please do not leave me to flounder and flail. Help me to overcome my weak wandering faulty human heart.

And in Thy strength I will conquer. In Thy name I will go forth willing to face wind and storm without flinching or falling. Able to survive though the whole world neglect me or should rise against me.

And when at last I walk the golden streets the honor shall not belong to me. My failing power shall not receive the honor. My useless name shall not be heard. It will not be my humble crumbling human name that will be bantered throughout the shinning halls of the kingdom, but Thine that will receive the undiluted, undiminished glory for all eternity. For it was in Your power that I overcame and not my own.

But all the glorious worlds will bow before Thy throne. In humbled awe they shall kneel at Thy feet. The question upon every lip shall be “how could He love someone such as thee?”  and “What then must be His love for me!”

And through eternity I shall sing Thy praises. Oh the glory of it all! The wonder that you should condescend to bend so low to help this struggling selfish human being that one day I could walk those golden streets. My heart at last as pure as pure as the whitest snow, never more to struggle with the crippling burden of sin! Ever more to enjoy the life of the redeemed where the gracious blood of Jesus will ever be my story, where it will ever more be my theme, of how He reached so low to save me from my sins!

© 2016

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