Happy Pup’s Lullaby

One day while searching for the right music to accompany a video that I was editing for Make Time for Happy 101, I happened upon this sweet melody. As I paused to enjoy the gentle tune, I found myself mentally creating the outline of a little poem about Happy and the joy that he brings … Continue reading Happy Pup’s Lullaby

Quietly I Wait

We live in a world that is increasingly desirous of instant gratification. We wake up in the morning and gulp down a bowl of instant oatmeal and drink a cup of instant¬†orange juice, we flip on a 24 hour a day news channel to get instant news,¬†at lunch time we drive up to the window … Continue reading Quietly I Wait


Hugs was inspired by my little dog Happy. When we first got him the idea of getting a hug was petrifying. He had no clue what a hug was. But within a few months Happy as Happy began to warm up to us and realize that he was in a safe and loving environment, he … Continue reading Hugs